Training Programs To Accelerate Leadership, Management & Presentation Performance

Engage Employees • Build Confidence • Impact the Bottom Line


• Interactive & engaging sessions

• Executive coaching
• Group coaching

• Virtual learning journeys

• Facilitated brainstorming
• Mastermind groups


• Identify the needs

• Create & customize the plan

• Delivery of program

• Evaluate & measure the results

• Iteractive & experiential learning


• Gain clarity

• Drive engagement

• Define strategy

• Increase productivity & drive

• Achieve leadership success

• Enhance performance

The Growtality Podcast

If you're a leader who is looking to grow and change yourself, enhance the performance of a team, and/or drive results in your work, you're in the right place. Through real conversations, brainstorming, challenges, and specific tools, certified coach, author, facilitator, and successful goal-getter Kerry Preston will guide the way.

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Our Mission

To maximize and optimize individual, team and company performance, growth, and vitality

To develop knowledge, skills, and engagement through coaching, consulting, and training.

People who are empowered and motivated take action.

To provide value to other people's lives.

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