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The V.A.L.U.E. to Delivering Value

“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.”

~Albert Einstein

I have always loved acronyms. For me, it’s all about the value of understanding the pattern and quick summary of a message.  Value is often used synonymously with worth.  It’s common for people to think about WIIFM (what’s in it for me) when listening to a sales pitch, negotiating a deal, or participating in a workshop.  In life, if you are able to deliver value, it’s also really about how the person receives the value.  So, if you’re seeking to deliver value to others, try following these five tips.

1.     V.   Vision

Vision is about knowing your end in mind not only from your perspective but also from the perspective of the person receiving the value. I tell my clients that if you don’t know where you’re going to add value, you might not deliver.  That’s fine if you’re okay with a maybe, but if you’re looking to hit the bull’s-eye then know your target.

2.     A.  Actions

It’s important to remember that your actions speak volumes about you: you don’t want to sabotage yourself based on they way you act. You might think about actions that have served you well in the past.  For example, having relentless follow up and quick response time will often be perceived as valuable.

3.     L. Language

Are you selecting words that demonstrate the how you will offer value rather than what you need or the impact on you.  For example, “What are you looking for in a vendor? It sounds like you are looking for a vendor who will be able to best understand what your employees are going through. Here’s how we can help…“ verses,  “I want to tell you about who we are and why we…”.  When making it about them, you’re likely to make the other person nod in agreement and feel their needs are being heard.

4.     U. Understanding

Do you understand how the other person will measure of success? Ask clarifying questions and really seek to uncover what matters most to them, the problem they are trying to solve, the opportunity they are seeking, the purpose behind their need, the resources available and what they hold in high regard for this meeting, conversation or project.

5.     E. Experiences

Deliver a memorable experience where the other person feels seen and heard.  Offer a simple smile, use direct eye communication, and evoke positive emotions and associations throughout the conversation to allow for others to feel your value.  You many not be moving mountains, but you will be offering a BLT (believability, likeability and trust.)

The end result is success will come when you become the person who places an emphasis on value first!

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