The Growtality Podcast

with Kerry Preston, co-author of

Enhancing Your Executive Edge (McGraw-Hill). 

If you're a leader who is looking to grow and change yourself, enhance the performance of a team, and/or drive results in your work, you're in the right place.  Through real conversations, brainstorming, challenges, and specific tools, certified coach, author, facilitator, and successful goal-getter Kerry Preston will guide the way.  

“Everything starts with your thoughts, which create the way you feel, and lead to the actions you take which then equal your results.  Change your thoughts to change your feelings to take a different action and end up with a different result.”

– Kerry Preston

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Meet Kerry

Kerry Preston is the founder of Growtality, Inc. which supports the growth and vitality of people.  She is a Certified Coach and Lifestyle Enhancer.  Kerry has over 25 years of experience in leadership, sales, marketing and organizational development. She has coached people located in the Americas, Asia and Europe with an emphasis on personal leadership, executive presence, career growth, finding fulfillment and living with vitality. 

Kerry's strategy revolves around the idea that skills can be taught.  Effective, meaningful, and impactful performance isn’t always an inherent talent, but a learned skill that requires practice and application to become mastery.

A natural-born problem solver, Kerry uses her own positive attitude and perception to achieve results and foster relationships and help others do the same. Her ultimate goal is helping others become their best selves, whether it’s at work or in their personal lives. 

Kerry lives in NJ with her husband, Tim, three sons, Luke, Wes, and Nate, and their dog Hamilton. She is the youngest of nine siblings.  She attributes her innate ability to build relationships and read emotions to her upbringing and is forever grateful to her parents and siblings.

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